Rice husk – from waste to end product. Discover our durable fixture made of rice husk.

RISE – the luminaire made of durable ORYZA rice husk

A real eye-catcher in every street scene. The Rise is the ultimate combination of an energy-efficient light source in a durable casing.


RISE is made of a biobased material. The material hardly discolours or greys. The material is lightweight, sturdy and resistant to moisture, mould and rot.


RISE is the first luminaire in the world that, in addition to an energy-efficient LED light source, also has a durable casing. The housing is made of material from waste streams and this material can be recycled for 100%.


The basic raw material, rice husk, is the non-edible skin of the dried rice grain that is removed. These rice husks were previously considered waste, but now have a tangible financial value for local farmers. This is a major advantage compared to other biobased materials.

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