ORYZA is a supplier of sustainable luminaires, made from the rice husk of the ORYZA plant.

ORYZA products are suitable for (large) corporate customers, e.g. municipalities and project developers.

The name ORYZA comes from the material used in the products. ORYZA is an Asian rice plant. The waste product (rice husk) is used to make ORYZA products.

Rice husk is a waste product left over from the harvesting of rice. Normally, it is massively dumped. By converting this residual waste into an end product, we are taking an important step towards a circular economy.


The casing will last for 80 years. The LEDs last 100.000 hours, the driver 50.000 hours.

The luminaire is made of biobased material from the NOWOOD 2.0 brand. For more information on the materials, see our leaflet on the download page.

Yes, the luminaire consists of 50% biobased materials.

Yes, the luminaire is 100% circular. Therefore, the fixture may not be disposed of with the waste, but has to be returned to ORYZA BV after use. The casing is made into a completely new casing without any additional raw materials.

The colour of the luminaire is light brown or traffic grey. The colour comes close to the RAL7043 colour by 80%. The colour is obtained through natural dyes. As these are not chemical dyes, we cannot produce an exact RAL colour.

RISE is available in brown and grey.

The casing ages minimally.

Yes, in time the luminaire may become dirty or algae may adhere to it.

Yes, the luminaire is IP65. This means that it is dustproof and protected against light water jets.

The following light colours are available:

  • 4000Kelvin
  • 3000Kelvin
  • Amber (+/-2200Kelvin).

No, this is not necessary. The luminaire does not have any conductive parts. It is double insulated. The luminaire is supplied with a 2×1 mm2 cord.

The lenses are made of PMMA.

No, PMMA has the property of not yellowing.

The casing is manufactured in Barneveld (NL).

The basic raw materials for the casing come from China.

The Rise can produce up to 2000 lumens.

Yes, you can download the LDT files from the download page.


Biobased construction is a way of building in which the preservation of nature and the environment is at the centre. ORYZA does its part by making extensive use of rice husk, a waste material that is converted into an end product.

Biobased raw materials cover all natural material on earth that is living or has ever lived, except for fossil raw materials. These include the biodegradable fraction of products, waste and residues from agriculture – including vegetal and animal substances -, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, and related industries, as well as the biological fraction of industrial and municipal waste. Fossil raw materials fall outside the definition of biobased raw materials because, although they have been formed from plant remains for millions of years, they cannot be recreated in a reasonable time. The cycle of production and use cannot be balanced. (Source:

Circular construction is a form of sustainable construction that uses a lot of residual waste. In addition, circular construction aims to minimise emissions into the air, water or soil.


A delivery time of 6 weeks can be assumed.

The delivery time is stated on the order confirmation. If this is not achieved, you will be informed 2 weeks in advance.

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